SWIGGY or ZOMATO ? Which One is Better For Offers

SWIGGY or ZOMATO ? So Today in This Article we will Discuss Which one is Better & Which One Provides Good offers. We All Love Eating food & Trying New Dishes & Due To Daily busy Schedule of our life We Plan To Order Food Online Right ?

Which One You Prefer For Ordering online Food ? Is it SWIGGY ? Or ZOMATO ? Or FOOD PANDA ?

SWIGGY or ZOMATO ? Which One is Better For Offers

We Have So many Online Deliver Partners now But the popular ones are Swiggy, & Zomato.

Well Do You Know The UberEats App is Purchased by ZOMATO ? UberEats is Now a ZOMATO.

So Which On Better ?

Well I Live in The Capital City of India that is DELHI & I do Order food online may be 5 Times in a Month ( Sometimes More ). I Generally ordered From these Two apps. But i Have Tried Food Panda & Uber Eats Before ( Now It is ZOMATO ). What I observed is that Food Panda & Uber Eats takes More time to Deliver the Food & The Deliver Boys are not Aware of the Routes ( May be They Have Less Number os Delivery Boys ) or Because They have Newly Hired Deliver Boys.

So Let’s Talk About SWIGGY VS ZOMATO –

Well Before Doing the Payment for the Food i Do Check Both of Them I Check For The Same Restaurant & Same Food Which I Decide to Order. I Compare Them. One Thing I Noticed That They are Charging More Tax & Deliver Charges Now A Days.

Strange Thing You Will Observe While Comparing the Same Food is The Prices are Different ( For Same Food & From Same Hotel ) But There is no Huge Difference in that.

They Have little Difference Between The Prices.

Like Sometimes ZOMATO Charges – 257 ( After Applying Applicable Coupan Code )

and For the Same Food The SWIGGY Charges – Rs 245 ( After Applying The Applicable coupan Code)

They Provide Good Codes for Offers But The Thing you Need To Check is The Delivery Charges & Tax That’s Too Much.

Which is Fast SWIGGY OR ZOMATO ?

So You Might be Interested in Knowing Which one Delivers the Food Fast ? I want to Eat The Hot Delicious Food Soon After I Order it. Well There is not Big Difference in Delivery of food.

In my Case i Observe SWIGGY is little Bit fast From ZOMATO. You Get The Deliver Boy Details Soon After You Order your Food & The Order Gets Accepted. ZOMATO takes time in that They Confirm your order & Shows You That Your Food is Preparing & after some time They Display the Information of The Delivery Guy.

What’s my overall Experience With These Apps ?

I Have good & Bad Experience with them Sometimes i ordered food & They Didn’t Send my That item.The Items Were Missing & I Contacted Customer Care & They Provided me a Code for Future Order ( I Wanted Refund ) They Keep you in Loss For.

Coming to the Delivery Guy Behaviour – They are Good Both SWIGGY & ZOMATO Deliver Guys are Hard Working & They Keep Smile on Their Face While Handing over the Food To You. All They Want is to make you Happy & In Return You Should Give Them 5 Star Rating to Help Them Earn More 🙂

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